About Us

Autumn lives in New York state and loves reading, writing, photography, going to the movies, visiting New York City, and playing in PhotoShop. She flips flops every day whether or not she wants to try to get published or not. Autumn has two cats which are both coincidentally black and white and named after witches (Sabrina and Tabitha). Oddly enough one cat is good and the other is big, fluffy, and evil. Autumn has a Kindle, which she instantly fell in love with, and named Ramon. Ramon now has a girlfriend named Kelli whom he has never actually met. Sadly, Ramon’s screen started acting funky and had to be sent back. Although his replacement, Zsadist, is much loved and used, Autumn will always have a special place in her heart for Ramon. Autumn drives for a living and kind of enjoys it.

Autumn has read the Twilight Saga books precisely once. She tried to read them a second time but was unable to. She has since moved on to Paranormal novels such as The Black Dagger Brotherhood. Zsadist and his book is her favorite.

Autumn started writing again in September 2008 after an idea hit her poor brain very hard. However, she finds writing in third person about herself to be extremely weird…

Lisa has way too many ideas and not enough people to push those ideas on to write them.

She’s snarky, sarcastic, witty, fun and evil.

She is the wind beneath Autumn’s wings. Hah. More like the evil force behind her!

Lisa loves to read, watch movies, listen to music- she’s somewhat of a music snob-eats way to much candy (Haribo candy at that, so, you know, you can always send her some as a lovely gesture)  and plays way too much on the Internet. She also loves to talk about herself in the third person. Go, Lisa!

Heather lives in a small rural town in North Carolina where nothing ever happens. This probably has something to do with her love for reading…she often feels the need to escape from her somewhat hectic, yet boring life and delve into the world of literature. She has passed her love for reading onto her three children, but her husband feels the need to watch the movie instead although she has tried time and time again to tell him the book is almost always better.

She enjoys reading many different genres of books but Young Adult and Supernatural types seem to catch her attention the best. While she does dabble with some writing every now and then, she doubts that she would ever be good enough to publish, but enjoys it just the same.

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