My Boyfriend Bites by Dan Jolley reviewed by Autumn

My Boyfriend BitesTitle: My Boyfriend Bites
Series: My Boyfriend is a Monster (3)
Author: Dan Jolley
Illustrator: Alitha E. Martinez
Release Date: September 2011
Publisher: Graphic Universe
Pages: 126
Source: NetGalley

I received an ARC from NetGalley of this title, which in no way sways my opinion of this title in either direction.

Vanessa Shingle is a high school senior, a fixer, and has absolutely no clue what to do with her life. She is, however, a “fixer” as all her past boyfriends she has made into projects. She needs to improve them. To me, this made the character a bit bland.

Vanessa goes to the local college to hang out while her sister, Tracy, is in class. She meets and is immediately smitten with a wanna be lead singer of an 80s rock band, Jean-Paul. They go out on a date which ends after some scary stuff happens. I don’t want to ruin it for you! Another night Vanessa is attacked and Jean-Paul comes to her rescue. He tells her that she is a vampire hunter and she assumes from what she’s seen through the window of his trailer that he’s a vampire himself. There’s a mission to save someone and it’s revealed that Vanessa is a relation of Van Helsing (Shingle is an anagram of Helsing after all!) and is destined to be a great monster hunter.

While Vanessa did seem a bit bland, the comic story had its good points too. I did think it was funny and enjoyable. The comic itself has a quirky sense of humor from the towns welcome sign “Drive Slow See Our Town, Drive Fast See Our Judge, Speed Limits Strictly Enforced” to pet walkers having dogs, what looks like an armadillo, and an alligator on leashes. I had no idea that this comic was a part of a series, but I think each one is very much a standalone. I can’t honestly justify giving it a high rating, but it did interest me enough to look into the other installments of this series. It was cute and I’m going to give it a solid three stars because I neither hated it or loved it.

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