Cry Wolf (Audiobook) by Patricia Briggs

Cry WolfTitle: Cry Wolf (Unabridged version)
Series: Alpha and Omega #1
Author: Patricia Briggs
Listening Time: 10 hours and 5 mins
Narrator: Holter Graham
Publisher: Penguin Group USA
Source: Purchased

I recently signed up with and received a one month free trial along with 1 credit to purchase whichever audiobook I wanted to listen to. As it was my first time using this site, I took my time browsing through all the different (but not many) titles available. I ended up choosing the audio for a book I’d already read and even previously reviewed Cry Wolf.

I didn’t mind that, however. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Cry Wolf and am a HUGE fan of Patricia Briggs’ works so it was more or less me having the book in all formats possible. Hardcover, ebook and now audiobook. Remember, huge fan here.

Audiobooks are a novelty to me as they are usually rather pricey, so I try to go with books that I really want to listen to instead of trying out something that I hadn’t tried before. Taking a chance then. Also, I found it hard initially to get into the swing of things and settling in to listen to a good book instead of reading one.

For me, Cry Wolf was an excellent audiobook. I haven’t listened to one with a male narrator before and I wasn’t even sure how it would work as I figured it would have a female narrator as I found Anna’s to be a major character in this story – and again, I am fairly new to this.

But it worked! Holter Graham did a fantastic job and was able to get across all the right emotions and handled the tense scenes with great skill. I’ve listened to samples of other audiobooks and sometimes the narrator doesn’t help me to connect to the story at all, but with Graham, he did that and he did it well. He’s obviously very skilled at it too and I found myself loving this story more than I did the first time around. If that is even possible.

In Cry Wolf, Anna is making the big move from her Chicago pack – the old alpha who had wolves abuse her along with his mate and some of the pack have been killed by Charles, who is known as Bran’s enforcer. He disposes of wolves that need to be put down.

Anna is finally free of all of that and is now moving to Montana to begin her life with Charles. Her wolf and Charles’ wolf have both bonded and are to begin their lives together as a mated pair. But Anna still has a lot to deal with and a lot to learn as she was kept in the dark about what kind of wolf she was and the rules that go along with being a werewolf. She wholly trusts Charles but it’s just hard to let herself be… without fear of repercussion. But when she does let it all go and begin to heal, it is such a beautiful thing.

Again, I should mention here that the reader is given more of an insight into the wolf known as Asil. Or The Moor as he’s more famously known as. He plays a huge role in this installment as it is his mate’s killer who is the villain this time around. Charles being the Marrok’s enforcer is sent into the cabinets to hunt the alleged rogue wolf who has attacked hikers and such and threatens to expose the wolves to the public before they are ready to do so.

Once you start listening it is very hard to hit that pause button. You just want to continue to the very end. I highly recommend giving this audiobook a listen if you’re in the mood for a great piece of urban fantasy. And it is by Patricia Briggs so you cannot go wrong here. Fans of the Mercy Thompson series will definitely enjoy this series as well since they do coincide.

Also with the next Alpha and Omega book set to come out March 2015, you’ll want to start your re-read of the series so that you’re all caught up.

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