Three Nights with a Rock Star

Three Nights with a Rock StarTitle: Three Nights With a Rock Star
Series: Half-Life #1
Author(s): Amber Lin & Shari Slade
Pages: 222
Release date: June 2nd, 2014
Publisher: Self-Published
Source: Blog Tour

I received this book for free from the publisher/blog tour host in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affects my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

I honestly had such a good feeling about this book before I’d even read it. And after reading it, I feel that I made the right decision by giving this book a chance. It was scandalously good, daring, and oh so dirty. I may still be fanning myself.

This was the first time I’d ever read anything written by these two authors, Amber Lin and Shari Slade, and I can say that these two have done an awesome job with their collaboration on Three Nights with a Rock Star.

Rehabilitated but still troubled rock star, Lock, is one fine specimen. While I know he’s got his issues, that didn’t stop me from liking him on the spot. I can’t blame the heroine, Hailey, either.

Hailey, the Sunday school teacher, is on a mission to help her baby sister, Chloe, by finding the guy who knocked her up and has decided to take himself out of the picture. Hailey isn’t having any of that and takes off for a couple days to infiltrate the band’s inner sanctum by posing as a groupie. Sounds like a solid plan, in theory, but not a practical one for Hailey. She’s totally noticeable as someone who is definitely trying hard but not succeeding to blend in. I mean, no groupie tries to soothe a drunk guy by humming lullabies or using wet wipes to clean him up. Very cute and all, but very out of character for a supposed groupie.

These things were so noticeable to lead singer of the band, Lock, that he figured she’d be ripe for the picking. Plus he seemed to have sense that the good girl had a bit of a wild side that was just aching to break free and get messy with him. And boy, did these two get messy.

I felt like they both clicked from the start and that just made the story for me. While I was a bit apprehensive at how fast their relationship developed to something much deeper than either expected, it worked really well in the end. It wasn’t a very lengthy story so things would have to progress at a much more rapid pace.

They only had these three days due to the contract that Lock made Hailey sign as a safeguard so that he couldn’t be burned again by any woman he brought into his life.

He’d learned his lesson the hard way and was on his last warning from the record label and band mates to get his act together or be booted out. He could not afford to make another mistake. I didn’t blame him for it either, even if the whole contract deal seemed cold. Lock was many things. Many, many things, but cold was definitely not one of them. What made Him and Hailey good for each other was that they both wanted the same things, but they were both hurt by parents who couldn’t take the time or cared to, to give a damn.

Those two together were intense and raw and explosive. I couldn’t have asked for a better main couple to start of the series with. I also liked the inclusion of one of Lock’s band mates, Krist, into the scenario. At first I felt like I knew where it was going, luckily Lock wasn’t as oblivious to what was going on with his friend as a certain other rock star in another rock-star-themed series was. Everything was laid out and dealt with. Thank you Lin and Slade!

I also enjoyed the secondary storyline which included Hailey’s sister, Chloe and her baby’s daddy. While there wasn’t a whole lot of it, the parts that we were given were very interesting and emotionally charged.

I could not put down this book! A page-turner from start to finish! Edgy, sexy and very dirty. Great stuff! Can’t wait for the next book which is my boy Krist’s story!

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