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All She Wants for ChristmasAbout ALL SHE WANTS FOR CHRISTMAS:
George Clauson is Santa’s daughter, but she can’t stand Christmas. All that ho-ho-hoing, caroling and people’s greedy wants? No, thank you. She’s left the family business and struck off on her own in the human world finding her niche as a humble second-grade teacher.

Ebenezer Herod is a descendent of King Herod. His family has never stopped trying to destroy Christmas. This year they may actually get their wish, but not if Ben can help it.

George wants nothing to do with restoring balance to the Christmas season, and she certainly isn’t interested in the shockingly handsome and devilishly rich Ben. A determined do-gooder, Ben’s used to saving the day, but he can’t rescue Christmas alone. Can George and Ben find a way to work together despite their opposing heritages to make the Season bright?

Author Sara V. OldsAbout Sara Olds:
Sara V. Olds has been telling stories for as long as she can remember. One of her favorite memories is of unfolding a tale for friends while they were all bundled in sleeping bags watching a comet shower in the Uintah Mountains.
Mother of three: Large, Medium and Small, she welcomes her newest role, that of mother-in-law.

Life has taken her from thither to yon and back again—she’s moved 22 times during her marriage. She breathes to travel. Longs to fulfill a lifelong dream of owning a horse. Is an addictive reader. Enjoys swimming, skiing, violin and movies. Wonders if she’ll ever get to SCUBA dive again. And has found a calling that fulfills her in ways she never could have imagined—teaching history to—wait for it—8th Graders.

Her stories consume her. There’s nothing she’d rather do than spend all day, all night and the next day conversing with her latest set of characters. History, adventure, action, romance, humor.Adults, YA and kids. Yep, she does it all. Looking for something to enjoy on a quiet rainy afternoon? Or wanting a pulse-pounding, stay up all night turning pages adventure? Or a you’ve-GOT-to-be-kidding romp? You’ll find them in her pages.

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All She Wants for ChristmasTitle: All She Wants for Christmas
Author: Sara V. Olds
Release Date: December 3, 2013
Publisher: Self-Published
Pages: 348
Source: ARC

I don’t like posting the summary for a book because I find it to be lazy and I would rather do a short summary of my own. However, after having finished All She Wants for Christmas I immediately thought, “I’ll need to post the summary” and then remembered this review was happening on a blog tour where the summary would already be available. I breathed a sigh of relief. Need a reminder? Scroll up, but remember to scroll back down!

I’m not sure what to think of All She Wants for Christmas honestly. It has good reviews, five stars in fact, but it just didn’t click with me. I think in part because it’s not my usual type of read. I go for contemporary romance and paranormal romance (usually vampires, but werewolves can be acceptable) so think Lori Foster, Diane Alberts, J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series, Julie Kagawa’s Blood of Eden series, and Brigid Kemmerer’s Elemental series. This book here? Doesn’t quite fall into either of those categories. And, let’s be honest, my brain is a pain in the butt with what it likes. For example, overall I like most of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, but it took me a year to finish the first book in Ward’s Fallen Angel series and I haven’t even tried the second installment.

Me like vampires. Obviously me don’t like Fallen Angels quite as much.

I’m freakin’ finicky. /end non-nonsensical piss poor explanation rant to the author

The mixture of romance, Christmas, magic, Charles Dickens, and even a tiny bit of “It’s a Wonderful Life” didn’t mesh with me. In fact, in all honesty, the overall book seemed too long and the last part – inspired by Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol” felt as if it could have been cut out completely.

Now, on to the good things – the writing and editing was well done, the main characters were likable (Ben was all swoonworthy), the main characters attraction and chemistry was great (the other characters were well thought out too, but I wanted to kill Santa near the end!), and the overall message about Christmas was fabulous. George and Ben were very attracted to each other and shared plenty of kisses and yearnings for one another, but the book was “clean” which is fine with me. I don’t know what it is about me and erotica, but I just can’t get into it anymore so the no sex deal was, well, no big deal.

And with that, I give All She Wants for Christmas a solid three stars. It didn’t blow my mind, but it didn’t suck. I feel slightly bad for saying this, but it was just “Meh” for me. It was a good introduction to the author and I’d be willing to try out something by Sara V. Olds again. I do encourage anyone who is thinking of reading this book to look at other reviews or check out a preview if possible from whatever retailer you use (Amazon currently has some of it available). It may be more of your cup of tea then it was mine.

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