Only Yours by Susan Mallery reviewed by Lisa

Only Yours by Susan MalleryTitle: Only Yours
Author: Susan Mallery
Series: Fool’s Gold #5
Release Date: August 30th, 2011
Pages: 378
Publisher: Harlequin
Source: Personal Copy

Oh, this one really grabbed me from start to finish. I loved the hero of the story from the very beginning. He was a little bit of a hard-ass but he had good reason, I think. Simon Bradley. Doctor Simon Bradley who is a surgeon and a burn specialist is visiting Fool’s Gold for a short period of time. He’s very serious and very dedicated. I mean, his specialty is not for the weak of mind or heart.

He has dedicated his genius mind to traveling around the world and helping less fortunate families, especially children who have been victims to life-changing burns on their bodies. Being a victim himself he knows what his patients are going through. However, he’s less emotional about it all. While he takes his job seriously, he’s hardened his heart to everything else.

So when Montana Hendrix of the infamous Hendrix Triplets barges into his division of the hospital whilst trying to reclaim a very energetic golden retriever puppy who got off her leash, she’s the last thing that Simon would have welcomed into his life.

Okay, what I loved about this story? The fact that Simon is so rigid and cold and set in his ways but he can’t help but want Montana with a passion that he has never, ever experienced in his life before. Ahhh, it was hilarious that he literally couldn’t keep from saying what was on his mind and he couldn’t help but be drawn to her. Like a moth to a flame, almost. But better. Way, way better.

Again, while I keep saying that I wished that the men in this series would stop being the ones to give up on the relationships and not leave all the time. This time I really enjoyed the ending. It was rather very sweet.


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