A Baby Between Friends by Kathie Denosky reviewed by Lisa

A Baby Between Friends by Kathie DenoskyTitle: A Baby Between Friends
Author: Kathie Denosky
Pages: 192
Release Date: July 1st, 2013
Publisher: Harlequin
Source: Netgalley

A story about a young woman who is best friends with a handsome cowboy–and work colleagues; they both work for the traveling rodeo–who decides that the one thing she wants most in her life… is the one thing only he can give her. Summer and Ryder have been best friends for a couple of years now, and Summer’s been thinking about having a baby for the last couple of months and she’s decided who she wants to be the baby’s daddy. Yep, her BFF. She’s got a few conditions, if he agrees to go through with it, and that would be that they conceive the baby the clinical way and not the with the coming together of the two of them physically, and that she doesn’t want his status in their relationship to change in any capacity. She doesn’t want a boyfriend or least of all a husband.

But Ryder’s got some issues with those terms. See, as a kid he’d been passed around from one foster home to another for as long as he can remember-plus he has this big secret that he can never reveal to Summer-and he doesn’t want any kid of his to grow up without a father. He wants to be as active as possible in the child’s life.

Summer just wants to fill the emptiness in her life. Ever since her parents died 3 years ago, she’s been lonely. Being an only child to an older couple who didn’t have any siblings or family themselves meant that she was alone in the world from the time she was a senior in college. She’s decided that having a baby will give her someone to love and someone who will love her back. Sad, I know.

But as per usual, things don’t go according to plan. After some teasing from his adoptive brothers, Ryder began to see Summer in a whole new light. Her every touch is electric and her presence does something to him that it’s never done before. Same can be said for Summer, she has started to realize that trying to keep Ryder as “just a friend” isn’t as easy as she thought it would have been. But alas, Summer has a secret as well. A secret that she needs to reveal to Ryder, somehow, because she doesn’t know if she’ll be able to move on from it.

Overall, not a bad story. I just wished it were a little better detailed and maybe slightly longer. Everything just kind of came together a little too nicely in a slightly cheesy way, but it wasn’t ridiculous so I could deal with that. The writing was good, the story flowed well, a very likable-if not rather young to be thinking about motherhood, but to each his own-and a very sweet hero who didn’t have it easy as a kid but was able to redeem himself as an adult.

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