Play Me by Diane Alberts reviewed by Autumn

Play Me by Diane AlbertsTitle: Play Me
Author: Diane Alberts
Series: Take a Chance #3
Release Date: July 29, 2013
Publisher: Entangled: Ever After
Pages: 108
Source: ARC via NetGalley

Single-mom Kiersten Worth finally puts the moves on her long time friend Garrett Kelly for a one night stand. The attraction between the two has been very mutual, but neither of them have acted upon it. Garrett wants more, but doesn’t push Kiersten mostly because of the fact that her son is on his basketball team and he’s best friends with her brother, Mike. Kiersten’s plan hits a hitch when she ends up pregnant and guess what? Garrett is *gasp* an honorable man.

Though the story is the third in the “Take a Chance” series, each of them can be read independently. Kiersten and Mike are the siblings of Brianna from Love Me, but other than that, not much is really needed to be known.

I loved the sense of humor between Garrett and Mike. They seemed like two real guys that would be arguing over their love lives. Though it does seem that reading Play Me will help with reading the next installment, Take Me, which features Mike finding his love. Or at least you get more into Mike’s head before his actual book, which isn’t a bad thing either way.

    “What did she do to you know?”
    Garrett closed his eyes. “She didn’t do anything at all.”
    “Yeah, okay. And I’m Mother Teresa.”
    “Hey, nice to meet you,” Garrett said, holding out his hand. “I admire your work.”
    Mike slapped his hand away. “Fuck off. I’m not holding your hand. People will think we’re together.”
    “Please. You’d be lucky to be here with me.”

There were times when I wanted to flat out smack Kiersten and I had to let Diane Alberts know that I had never wanted to smack a pregnant woman before. Kiersten was just so damn stubborn!

But isn’t that a good thing though? You know, when an author makes you feel shit with their words? Good or bad, that’s what Alberts did. I laughed at the guys zingers and got made at Kiersten for not talking to Garrett and admitting to her feelings.

Of all things, it was Chris, Kiersten’s nephew who she’s raising as her own, that said what I really wanted to say to these two characters:

    “You two are confusing. I’m gonna go watch How I Met Your Mother, and then take a shower.” He motioned between them with his finger. “You two need to get your act together.”

Okay, well, minus the stuff about that specific television show. I would’ve picked The Big Bang Theory instead.

If you’re looking for a quick, light-hearted romantic read with a side of funny, I highly recommend Play Me and the rest of the “Take a Chance” series.

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