Top Ten Secrets from the Line of Duty Series by Tessa Bailey

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Tessa Bailey
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Ten Secrets from the Line of Duty Series

Thank you so much for having me today. Below I’ve listed ten secrets from behind the scenes of the Line of Duty series. I think the only other person to know about these tidbits is my editor. Enjoy!

1. The original title of Protecting What’s His (Line of Duty #1) was Potential New Boyfriend, after the famous Dolly Parton song. If you’ve read the book, you’ll know what I named it that. We ultimately decided it didn’t do enough to convey the plot to readers.

2. Originally, Protecting What’s His had a whole secondary storyline from Willa’s point of view. It showed her whole high school romance with Evan and everything. However, it simply didn’t work having a YA novel running through an erotic romance, so we clipped it and left it solely from Ginger and Derek’s POV.

3. Evan Carmichael’s name was originally Denny Carmichael. Like, up until the very last second when another editor mentioned the name was too similar to Derek. My editor and I still call him Denny sometimes by accident because we got so used to it.

4. Diane, Derek’s ex-girlfriend in Protecting What’s His, was originally named Bernice, but one of the editors decided it sounded like an old lady name – ha! – so we changed it. That is actually one of my best friend’s names. I dedicated Officer Off Limits to her.

5. The original title of His Risk to Take was Hustled, but it didn’t fit with the Brazen line, title-wise. My editor came up with this name and we both loved it.

6. In His Risk to Take, the character Bowen was originally named Bowie (I have a David Bowie obsession). When I decided I wanted to give him his own book someday, we decided we better make him sound like a hero. Thus, Bowen instead of Bowie.

7. Officer Off Limits had the working title Hold Me Hostage, but I knew it sounded too much like a BDSM book, so I didn’t even try it with my editor. It never would have flown.

8. I cut a scene from Officer Off Limits where Story and Hayden get drunk on wine and watch Clueless. It’s a really funny scene but it couldn’t stay after we tightened up the plot.

9. The scene in Officer Off Limits where Story poses for a cell phone picture in a Mets jersey – that is something one of my friends and I did in real life after she lost a bet. Straight out of real life!

10. I originally wrote an epilogue for Officer Off Limits, then changed it several times. I could never get it right – then I realized I couldn’t sum up their future in a quick epilogue. So I decided to just check-in with them in the next Line of Duty book and have them be part of the next story as well. I guess I just wasn’t ready to wrap them up. ;-)

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