The New Hunger by Isaac Marion reviewed by Nikki

The New Hunger by Isaac MarionTitle: The New Hunger (Warm Bodies .5)
Author: Isaac Marion
Release Date: January 28th 2013
Publisher: Zola Books
Pages: 140
Source: Personal Copy

The New Hunger is an engaging and quick read that I happily zipped through in one evening. This book fills in some of the blanks about where the zombies came from and what life was like for those just trying to stay alive. We meet a brother and sister who are fending for themselves after their parents ditch them and get some glimpses into the life of 12 year old Julie and her parents. I was delighted to read about Julie’s mother, who I thought was funny, sweet and a bit rebellious; Julie definitely takes after her. I loved Warm Bodies, much more than I thought I would. I kept thinking while I was reading it ‘Holy shit, I actually really like this!’ To be able to write a zombie into a sometimes tender and sweet dystopian tale is nothing short of fucking brilliant and I adore Isaac Marion for it. I saw the movie last week and I loved it as well. Let me just tell you, that rarely happens with films based on books for me. I am so eagerly awaiting book #2 in the Warm Bodies series! In the meantime, Nicholas Hoult being all wet will do quite well as a distraction.

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