Lover at Last by J.R. Ward reviewed by Meg

Lover at Last by J.R. WardTitle: Lover at Last
Author: J.R. Ward
Release Date: March 26, 2013
Publisher: NAL (Penguin)
Pages: 608
Source: Personal copy

I have to admit that I was least excited about Lover at Last than I was any other book that J.R. Ward has released. And it’s not so much that it was a book about a homosexual relationship, like many others had indicated. I like Qhuinn and Blay, and I couldn’t wait for them to have their HEA, but after reading about their angst for 5-6 books, I was soooo over the Qhuay drama. That being said, I read it anyways, because the Warden wrote it and I’ll read everything she writes just because….

First off, I don’t believe that Qhuinn and Blay should have been given an entire book. I’ve never thought they should have an entire book. I thought they needed a novella, I’ve always said that and after reading their book, I believe that their story was a novella story even more than before. When you’re story has been stretched out for half the series, then it needs to close in a quick and timely fashion, and a 600 page novel is not a quick and timely manner.

Secondly, um… WHAT THE EFF IS UP WITH THE 5826348029471 plot lines in this book? I’m serious, let’s count the sub plots beneath the Qhuinn and Blay story:

  • Assail
  • Xcor and the Band of Bastards
  • Xcor and Layla
  • Qhuinn and Layla
  • Layla and her pregnancy
  • iAm and Trez
  • The glymera crap that ties in with Xcor and Assail
  • Sola
  • The Lessers

And I’m pretty sure there were more that I’m just not thinking of at this exact moment.

The number of characters in this book blew my mind. I feel like I need pie charts and graphs and those little spider web brain storming thingies to organize the amount of chaotic character stuff in this book.

That being said, with the introduction of all these new characters, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ACTUAL BROTHERHOOD? You know, like Butch and Z and V and Rhage and Phury and Wrath? So now we have books based on the BDB’s guards, but….we don’t actually get more than 10 pages of actual BROTHER action? I thought this series was based on the Brotherhood? Not the Brotherhood’s guards?

And speaking of Brother’s, where are all there Shellans? Where are the interactions between the brothers and their Shellans? Where is Z’s young? Where is Autumn? Why is it that the brothers are NEVER WITH THEIR WIVES?

Seriously, Warden, you’re breaking my heart and you KNOW I’m a huge fan of yours. You KNOW THIS. You know I love your books and your writing, so why are you making me so sad :(

Other issues that killed my heart and soul:

  • This “must needs” crap from the aristocracy… I haven’t seen them say that in previous books, why is it now that the glymera has to have this horrible, grammatically dead phrase they bandy around in ever other sentence? That “must needs” phrase is pretty much making me cringe and choke on my red pen every time I see it, and its as everywhere in this book.
  • Also, being a straight female, I’m not really up to date on my man on man sex positions, but… I’m pretty sure that gay men have sex in more than one position. And I’m sure when they’re hung like elephants, they use lube. Ahem, excuse me, lhube* . Just saying… I know this is your world, Warden, and I’m not trying to step on toes, but I gotta say every time they penetrated without some KY, I cringed and shed a little tear for who ever was on the bottom of that doggy style pile up. Especially considering the piercing… OW. (*trademark Autumn)
  • The slang. Lets just…reduce it some please? I mean, I have to draw the line somewhere and the slang is getting a touch out of hand. We’re talking about vampires who’ve been around for half a millennia, though I can understand their love of rap music, I can’t quite comprehend their vernacular. And the acronyms…can we stop with the acronyms?
  • Why did Blay and Qhuinn only emit the bonding scent once?
  • Saxton better get himself a man. That’s all I’m saying. He deserves a hottie of his own.
  • I really hope the Warden is not planning on making Xcor into someone lovable, because I don’t see it being possible. Ever. He tried to kill Wrath. He’s pretty much toast in my work. Me no likey.

Sigh. That being said, I’m so let down. And from the news coming in from the signings, I’m going to continue being disappointed with the future books in the series. This breaks my heart. Can I just pretend like it all stopped on Rehv’s book and that there haven’t been any books since?

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