Lover at Last by J.R. Ward reviewed by Autumn

Title: Lover at Last
Author: J.R. Ward
Release Date: March 26, 2013
Publisher: NAL (Penguin)
Pages: 608
Source: Personal copy

Meg also reviewed Lover at Last and her review can be viewed here.

I have said in the past that I didn’t care if the Black Dagger Brotherhood (BDB) novels were long. Six hundred pages of the Brothers? Bring it on!

When it was announced that Ward was writing Qhuinn and Blay’s story I was excited. She was finally going there. It had been building up over several books. Then it was announced that Ward was not writing a novella, but a full book. Not going to lie, I was even more excited.

Wow, how times have changed.

I have been disappointed with parts of the last several BDB books and unfortunately it went downhill even faster for me with Lover at Last. Unlike Phury’s book, Lover Enshrined, which I rated three stars and was overall unhappy with, Lover at Last failed me completely. In Lover Enshrined Phury and Cormia didn’t click with me mostly because they were apart for most of the book and then fell in love. I found their love story dull and Phury annoying as hell. The thing that saved it for me was all the other action that was going on – and if I remember correctly a lot of that centered around John Matthew, Qhuinn, and Blay. At least there was something for me to look forward to.

In Lover at Last Ward seemed to go with a similar formula, but I didn’t and still don’t give two shits about some of the other action going on. I wanted to to slap both Qhuinn and Blay for most of the book. That does not bode well!

My favorite parts of the Lover at Last? The plane bit with Zsadist, Blay with his parents, the last chapter, and the epilogue. If you’ve read Lover at Last you might be sitting there thinking, “Well, shit, that’s not a lot.” Nope, it’s not.

And that’s sad. Oh, and Ellen has another appropriate word for it.

I agree with a lot of what Meg has already mentioned in her review. So much so that I almost wasn’t going to write my own, but I said “Fuck it, I need to get this shit off my chest!” and so, here I am!

Things that annoyed that ever living shit out of me:

  • One gazillion points of view
  • Assail and Sola – I don’t give two fucks about either of them. Seriously. They could have died at the end and I would have given this sucker five stars. Kill them both. He’s a rip off of Rehv and she’s just annoying.
  • Layla’s pregnancy – No one thought to ask Bella or Autumn questions because they had been pregnant? Dumb shit heads.
  • iAm and Trez – While I like the Shades, there was two much focus on them.
  • The Lessers – Shitty. Just shitty.
  • The sex – I don’t care that they’re gay, but seriously, 1) The same position? All the time? And it wasn’t even an intimate one. 2) Anal sex with no lhube*, no condom and a penis piercing? Someone’s ass must have severely been torn up. If you’re not going to do the scene correctly then don’t go there.
  • For most of the book, I just did not feel the love between Qhuinn and Blay. I felt longing. Two very different things.
  • Glymera – Their archaic language with the seemingly new “must needs” phrase. It’s gotta go.
  • The slang – Ok, so I don’t want archaic language, but the slang annoys the fuck outta me. So many damn acronyms that I had to literally Google some shit. Give me a happy middle, Ward. I mean, seriously, these are three hundred year old vampires. Why are they all attempting to speak like rappers and hoodlums?
  • Xcor and Layla – While I do like them, I thought there was too much of them.
  • Aside from Bella screaming and Beth being annoying, where were the rest of the Shellans??

*trademark Autumn

There is a distinct difference between the first five books of the series and the remaining. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t like the rest of them, but the set up was the same. Wrath had his book. There were a few points of view – now it’s been a while so bare with me – but like, Wrath, Beth, and Butch, right? Then we got some Rhage in there because his book was next. It was like he was being phased in so the readers could get used to him. The first five books basically used this formula. The sixth book, the aforementioned Lover Enshrined, had been my least favorite book in the series up until the end of March. I enjoyed Lover Avenged much more even thought it involved a lot more characters. Now you can’t even tell whose book is next because it’s not being set up. It could have been anyone after this one, but the next installment is going to be Wrath and Beth. Again.

*Rolls Eyes*

While there was something different about how books 8-10 were executed, I didn’t fully hate the change or them. I still sensed a change in the BDB-verse. It’s almost feels as if someone else is writing the books, someone else is advising Ward, or she’s lost her way. Things are different and I’m not a hundred percent happy with the changes or how they’re unfolding.

Lover at Last could have been a novella or even a full book – but half as long. The meat of the story didn’t need all the other crap that was crammed into it. I was severely disappointed in Lover at Last and it seems that either others agree with me or loved it. I shall sit here and scratch my head at those of you that loved it.

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