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Private Practice by Samanthe BeckAbout Private Practice
Title: Private Practice

Author: Samanthe Beck

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: 263

Release Date: February 2013

ISBN: 978-1-62266-788-8

Imprint: Brazen

He’ll teach her how to bring a man to his knees…

Dr. Ellie Swan has a plan: open her practice in tiny Bluelick, Kentucky, so she can keep an eye on her diabetic father, and make hometown golden-boy Roger Reynolds fall in love with her. But Ellie has a problem. Roger seeks a skilled, sexually adventurous partner, and bookish Ellie doesn’t qualify.

Tyler Longfoot only cares about three things: shaking his bad boy image, qualifying for the loan his company needs to rehab a piece of Bluelick’s history, and convincing Ellie to keep quiet about the “incident” that lands him on her doorstep at two a.m. with a bullet in his behind.

The adorable Dr. Swan drives a mean bargain, though. If sex-on-a-stick Tyler will teach Ellie how to bring a man to his knees, she’ll forget about the bullet. Armed with The Wild Woman’s Guide to Sex and Tyler’s lessons, Ellie is confident she can become what Roger needs…if she doesn’t fall for Tyler first.

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Many thanks to Samanthe Beck for taking the time to answer some questions!

Q. Where did the idea for Private Practice come from?

A. My husband comes from a small town in Kentucky. Every time we visit, and we zip out to the grocery store, or…okay…the liquor store…we run into one of his classmates, or his Kindergarten teacher, or someone he went to Sunday school with. Each interaction is a chance to get caught up on the lives of at least twenty people. It’s like Facebook, only in real time! Being a nomadic city girl for most of my life, I never really experienced that deep-rooted sense of connection to a place. I started to think about the comforts and challenges presented by living in that type of community.

Then I started watching “Hart of Dixie,” on the CW, because, well, Scott Porter, Wilson Bethel, and (hellooo), Cress Williams, and I thought, why wouldn’t my small town be populated with sexy people?

Q. I’m always interested in reading what authors have to say about their writing process. Did you have a routine that you followed daily?

A. When you have an energetic four year old in your life, routine tends to fly out the window! That said, my little guy goes to pre-school three days a week, so those are my main writing days. As far as process, or the eternal plotter vs. pantser question…I’m the worst of both worlds! I do a detailed synopsis that is way longer than any editor would ever want to read, and then when I sit down and write the story I pretty much ignore it and go off chasing plot bunnies.

Q. I liked the whole idea of a heroine who was very goal-oriented and focused on what she wanted, but weren’t you ever a little annoyed with her for not opening her eyes and seeing what was in front of her during her “practice sessions”?

A. Readers were! I’ve gotten my fair share of comments along the lines of, “I loved Ellie, but I wanted to shake her!” Ellie’s book-smart, but emotionally stupid. She grew up with just the barest recollections of her mom, and a difficult, unaffectionate father, so her biggest desire in life is to have the picture-perfect family. She’s built a whole fantasy future in her head starring Roger Reynolds, the town golden boy. Even when Tyler’s rocking her world up, down and sideways, she refuses to take her goal-oriented eyes off the prize.

Q. Did you model you characters after anyone? Did you have any visual aids whilst writing?

A. I think a lot of people expect me to say I modeled Ellie after Rachel Bilson, because of the Hart of Dixie/small-town doctor similarity, and I do love Rachel and the show, but for whatever reason, in my mind I pictured actress Mila Kunis when I wrote Ellie.

Tyler lived mostly in my imagination…though I did burn through many enjoyable hours doing exhaustive Internet research to find a flesh-and-blood match! I actually think my multi-talented Entangled editor, Heather Howland got it exactly right with the Private Practice cover guy.

Q. What are some of your favorite romance books so far for 2013?

A. I loved both my release-sisters’ Brazens! Christine Bell’s Down and Dirty and Tessa Bailey’s Protecting What’s His were list-toppers for me. Snarky, but genuinely loveable heroines are tough to pull off, and Christine does it with her eyes closed. Tessa draws a tough, sexy alpha stud like nobody’s business. Also, I just finished Hayson Manning’s amazing Entangled Indulgence debut, “Wife in Name Only,” which made me laugh so hard I nearly fell off the toilet.

Q. What would you say to anyone looking to break into the writing in the romance genre?

A. There’s one point in Finding Nemo where Dory sings, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…” to Marlin. I hereby unleash my inner Dory. “Just keep writing, just keep writing…”

Q. I’m very much a fan of yours now, what are you working on next? Are you able to tell us whose story you’re writing next?

A. Thank you! I’m verra, verra excited to announce my next Brazen, Lover Undercover, is on sale now and releases on April 22nd.

Here’s a tiny tease:
When Kylie Roberts is forced to step into her twin’s sexy stilettos, she isn’t prepared for the dead body in the parking lot—or the ridiculously hot detective who poses as one of her regulars to lure out the killer. Their long nights undercover are filled with sensual promises, and it’s only a matter of time before Kylie and Trevor take this undercover operation under the covers…

Author Samanthe BeckAbout Samanthe Beck

Sam was transfixed from an early age with any tale featuring a handsome prince, a great dress, and, of course, the all-important kiss, and eventually aspired to write her own happily-ever-afters. Naturally, she became a lawyer. The legal world heaved a sigh of relief a few years ago when Samanthe retired from law to take the plunge as a writer.
When not living the glamorous life of a romance author (i.e., chained to her computer), Samanthe keeps busy with the care and feeding of her extremely patient prince-charming of a husband, a not-so-patient ball of energy known as their son, a furry ninja named Kitty, and Bebe, the trash talkin’ Chihuahua. Their love, support, and willingness to eat Pizza Hut three or more times a week enables Samanthe to pursue her literary dreams.

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  1. SamantheBeck1 says:

    Thanks again for having me, Fic Talk! Love your blog!

    • Lisa FicTalk says:

      SamantheBeck1 I’m actually now reading your answers cause I’ve been so busy but I did actually picture a heroine with super dark hair and that kind of look, but Mila Kunis as Ellie really does sound right!
      Thanks for answering all my questions, Samanthe! :D