Midnight Secrets by Ella Grace reviewed by Lisa

Midnight Secrets by Ella GraceTitle: Midnight Secrets (Wildfire #1)
Author: Ella Grace
Release Date: April 30th, 2013
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Pages: 400
Source: Edelweiss

Zach Tanner and Savannah Wilde fell in love when she was eighteen and he was twenty. Savannah had liked Zach from afar for awhile but when fate intervenes and Zach rescues Savannah from being assaulted by some boys one night at her high school prom, things finally falls into place for them as a couple. Until Zach has to leave for the army then things take a turn for the worse and Savannah is left brokenhearted and alone. Now ten years later and Savannah is living her dream as assistant district attorney and back home in Midnight to settle up on the home that she and her sisters grew up in and while there she has to face the truth about her parents, along with coming face to face with her past love and heartbreak.

I have to say that I am really surprised by how much I liked this story even though it had quite a few issues for me. I liked both MCs; the male lead was especially a breath of fresh air from the lot that I’ve read recently. Zach Tanner was the sweetest, most humble guy that I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him most of the time. See, his life was never easy and he was the “man of the house” at a very young age. He did everything from keeping the house clean to looking after his baby brother. His mother was not the best, although that’s kind of making her sound a lot better than she really was. She was so self-absorbed and only worried about where she would find her next man with money in order to take care of her and keep her from sleeping around all the time. Yes, she was the town slut, and she had no problems with that, but poor Zach had to take the brunt of the pressure that her reputation caused.

So when I read that he was the town’s bad boy I was looking for something that would have cause that rep but I found none. That was a big problem for me. How could he be deemed the town bad boy when he wasn’t necessarily bad? People just looked down on him because he was poor and I guess because he – at times – had to steal food in order to survive maybe that was why he was looked upon as bad but I still didn’t buy it. He was a hard-worker who never had much and was robbed of his childhood.

As for our female protagonist, her life and upbringing was the total opposite of our hero. She had everything she ever wanted and needed. Savannah Wilde, who also just happens to be a triplet, is rich and lives well. But what I liked about her was how genuinely kind and sweet she was. She never looked down on Zach at all and I loved her for that. When she and Zach fell in love it was the most sweetest thing I’d read in a long time, it was heartwarming and rather cute, if I must say.

Their story is told in a series of flashbacks and present day telling. The writing style was not my favourite but I was able to still get into the story and be able to enjoy it. The story itself wasn’t too long, but at one point I figured that the whole mystery behind what happened to Savannah’s parents would not be resolved until the next book… I was wrong. It was. However, here was another fault for me: It felt so rushed and slightly ridiculous. I was almost to the end and wondering: what’s gonna happen? when I came up close to around the 90% mark and I finally got my resolution. Again, a little ridiculous even though I’m glad I found out what happened in this book and didn’t have to wait until the next one to clear things up for me.

Overall, not a bad read. The story kept me in suspense for quite some time and the romance was sweet with just the right amount of angst thrown in to make it intensely emotional! I’m actually a little intrigued as to what the other sisters have to offer up to this new series. Very much looking forward to reading about them next!

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