Immortal Craving by Kendra Leigh Castle reviewed by Autumn

Immortal Craving by Kendra Leigh CastleTitle: Immortal Craving
Author: Kendra Leigh Castle
Release Date: January 29, 2013
Publisher: Forever
Pages: 200
Source: NetGalley

Sometimes it sucks to get, well, sucked into a series. The wait between books can feel horrible, but the need to know what happens to characters that you have met and have a vested interest in is much greater than the urge to forget the series. When I found Immortal Craving posted on NetGalley I do believe my reaction was much like the following:

Ok, so maybe my wrists didn’t move around as freely.

Although I’ve read where several people have stated that they believe that each installment in this series can be read as a standalone, I tend to disagree to a certain point. I’m picky with continuity and hate feeling like I missed out on details and rich history, which would definitely be the case in regards to this series, so I highly recommend taking the time and starting from the beginning. If you feel so inclined, check out my reviews of Dark Awakening, Midnight Reckoning, and Shadow Rising.

If you’ve been keeping count, you now realize that Immortal Craving is the fourth installment in Castle’s Dark Dynasties series. It follows Lily MacGillivray’s best friend, Baily, and Tasmin, the last of his tribe, the dangerous, powerful, and feared Rakshasa. Tasmin awakes after centuries asleep to find he is alone and somehow manages to travel from India to Massachusetts in search of Lily, but finds Baily first. Tasmin is seeking answers – like who put him to sleep, why, and what happened to the rest of his Dynasty. We soon find out that Tasmin is not alone, literally, as his personality changes. His control is strong and sometimes he barely hangs on and stays himself as he literally fights a demon.

What follows is a very enjoyable read which contains plenty of romance and adventure. What I’ve really enjoyed about the Dark Dynasties series is that none of the characters have been forgotten. Lily and Ty were seen quite a bit as well as many of the other characters that I’ve come to know, love, and even hate.

This might seem weird to mention right here, but I’m not one of those people that read a book strictly for the sex scenes – I want more than that. I want a good story that intrigues me. This series? Has it in spades. I also love a story that has a mythology to it and sticks with it. You know, in book three you’re reading something and think, “That happened back in book one!” or where you can knit things together. Things just aren’t forgotten – like a good parent, there’s follow through. I also love that the characters stay true to themselves. Castle has created some truly unique characters and I love the backgrounds she’s created for them.

As I finished Immortal Craving with a smile on my face, a frown soon formed as I realized there was not a preview for the next book in the series. Castle has informed me that the publisher of Dark Dynasties has decided not to continue with it. Her current plans include writing one more in the series for a character that needs his happy ending and self publishing. That I must say, left me much happier than I thought it would because like Vlad Dracul, I need some closure too. I really cross my fingers and hope Castle follows through with the last story because there are story threads that need to be weaved closed and questions that need answered. Even though there was a big, huge fallout for a character, there is more that needs to be finished. So, Kendra, whenever you finish that last book – and however you manage to get it out there – you need to make sure I know about it.

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