Snow White Blood Red by Cameron Jace reviewed by Autumn

Snow White Blood Red by Cameron JaceTitle: Snow White Blood Red (.01)
Author: Cameron Jace
Release Date: May 29, 2012
Publisher: Self Published
Pages: e-book, approximately 21 pages equivalent
Source: personal copy

After you’ve finished reading something have you ever thought out loud, “What the hell was that?” but in a good way? That is precisely what happened with me after reading Snow White Blood Red at four o’clock in the morning. I actually wanted to continue on and read the next prequel in the series, but you know, I had to get up to go to work in two hours (Odd sleeping schedule, don’t ask!).

I have never watched the TV show Grimm, but I do enjoy Once Upon a Time. Like OUaT, the premise for the seven short prequels and the full length book, Snow White Sorrow that is set to be released in January 2013, is loosely based on the Grimm Fairytales that we all know and perhaps love. I’m beginning to wonder if the Grimm Brothers ever imaged their tales being twisted so often in the future. In Jace’s version, it seems as if the characters switch places, plus little thinks like being someone’s step mother isn’t entirely true. It is foreshadowed that the Evil Queen is not as evil as believed – in fact it is Snow White that is a monster (holy crap, I didn’t think I’d see that one in a fairytale!).

Because Snow White Blood Red is so short, I don’t want to give too much away. I will say that the book is written from a diary point of view. The Evil Queen is writing to one of the Grim Brothers. It was the Brothers that hid the true version of the fairytales and then there was a curse placed on the “characters” – who are in fact immortals who are only awake once every one hundred years. While this may seem a bit odd at first, I really enjoyed taking my time, and chance, with this and checking it out.

On Amazon the description includes a note that the book was professionally re-edited and revised as of September 2012, but I saw at least two minor mistakes (like “Bur” for “But”). Little tiny errors like that don’t really bug me much. Plus, I purchased Snow White Blood Red when it was free. Actually, throughout this week each book will be free on a different day, so I plan on grabbing each of them. If you missed out on that opportunity, then each prequel is only .99 cents. If you like Grimm or Once Upon a Time and fairytales and reading slightly skewed, twisted versions of them, then you might want to take a chance and spend .99 cents on the first installment in the Grimm Diaries Prequel series and check out Snow White Blood Red.

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