The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa reviewed by Nikki

The Lost Prince by Julie KagawaTitle: The Lost Prince (The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten #1)
Author: Julie Kagawa
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Pages: 379
Published: October 23, 2012
Source: ARC from NetGalley

It’s been a while since I read The Iron Fey series; I sort of forgot how much I love Julie Kagawa. Wait strike that, I was recently reminded of her awesomeness with the first in her new vamp series, The Immortal Rules. I just love the way she tells a story. You never get bored and you never quite know what’s coming either. There’s always some comic relief; I’m looking at you Puck! And lots of adventure, a dash of violence and drama and just a bit of romance, but not so much that it’s unbelievable or gag-worthy.

The Lost Prince takes place after Megan has been gone for a while; she’s basically severed ties with her human family. Her younger brother Ethan is now a teen and still sees faeries everywhere he goes. He has forced himself to become a social pariah and “bad boy” to keep people away from him and the dangers of the fey. And of course, one very headstrong girl claws her way into his heart. Her name is Kenzie and I adored her. She’s strong, independent, brave, curious, and just classy as all get out. Finally! A girl in a YA book that isn’t a simpering idiot! GO GIRL!

I worried a bit that Ethan might play second fiddle to all the strong characters in Kagawa’s world, but Ethan really does stand out. He’s courageous, smart, and sweet once you get past his paranoia and fear of the fey. I also want to say how refreshing it was for me to read from a teenage boy’s perspective. I read so many “chick-y” books that it was a nice change. Julie does it well, it doesn’t come off as a girl writing about a guy, it just works. I hope that makes sense?

I highly recommend this book; I think this series is serious competition to the Iron Fey series, if not even better. I can see a really, really kick ass series sprouting from this very promising beginning. There are enough of those characters you already know and love, but a whole bunch of new characters and mysteries to be uncovered as well.

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