Demons by Heather Frost reviewed by Heather

Demons by Heather FrostTitle: Demons (Seers #2)
Author: Heather Frost
Release: Date: September 11, 2012
Publisher: Cedar Fort Books
Pages: 432 pages
Source: ARC from author

Demons picks up right where the events of the first book, Seers, left off. Kate thinks everything is going well in her life. Her grandparents and twin sisters are okay. She still sees auras, but her boyfriend/guardian, Patrick, is there to help her. Her best friend, Lee, is still as eccentric as ever.

Then, a sick and dying guardian shows up. The only thing is, guardians are immortal and shouldn’t be able to get sick and die. When Patrick begins to show signs of the illness attacking certain guardians, Kate is determined to find out how she can help him. She just found him and she isn’t giving up on him now.

These books do not get the love and attention they deserve. The story line of this series is different and I have yet to find one similar to it. Frost’s writing has the ability to pull you in from the first sentences. I read this entire book in one sitting. I kept telling myself that I would read one more chapter, but I had to keep reading to find out what was going to happen next.

I love the relationship that Kate has with her grandfather. It was good to see that she had someone to talk to who went through the same things she is going through, at one point or another.

I liked that we got a bit more of Patrick’s past in this book. We were able to see where he came from, and how his life was before becoming a Guardian. And of course, he makes me swoon like crazy with the sweet things he says to Kate.

If I had anything to complain about with this book it would be the epilogue. And I don’t mean complain in a bad way. Seriously. Frost made sure to make it where the readers would be begging her for the next book in the series. Hopefully we won’t be waiting too long for Guardians to be released.

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