Underworld by Meg Cabot reviewed by Meg

Underworld by Meg CabotTitle: Underworld
Author: Meg Cabot
Release Date: May 8, 2012
Publisher: Point
Pages: 341
Source: Personal Copy

I loved Abandon, the first book in this series. I really did. I found it to be refreshing and original, and a fun twist on the myths of the Underworld. And I was incredibly excited to read its sequel, Underworld. After what seemed like an eternity, it finally came out and I got my greedy hands on it immediately. Without going into too much detail, cause I have no idea if you’ve read the first (but you should. Just trust me) Pierce is a girl who’s had a brush (or two) with death (aka, John) and after some pretty crazy adventures in Abandon, she finds herself living with her boyfriend, the Lord of the Underworld…in the Underworld. She’s literally stuck between two worlds, as she’s hiding from those who wish to hurt her, and at the same time wishing she could spend more time with her family in the real world.

Part of me loves Pierce, and then part of me really just wants to kick her in the butt and tell her to grow a set. Sometimes, she’s wonderful, and then sometimes she just whines and whines and whines and complains and then does tons of stupid stuff that common sense would tell a sensible human being not to do, and then she puts people in danger, throws herself into the line of danger, puts poor John in some precarious situations. But I will give Cabot credit, she definitely portrays Pierce as a teenager so what else could you expect as a reader?

I have some issues with the plot, primarily that Pierce’s family is so out of the picture for almost the entire book. I understand that for Pierce’s safety, and for her family’s safety it’s important that she be kept in the Underworld, but I’d at least have liked to have seen some interaction between them. I feel that John, though justified in wanting to keep Pierce safe, should have been more proactive in at least letting her get a message to her mother. It felt as if he were quite domineering in many aspects. Actually, yes, let me go down that road. John was a mysterious hottie in the first book, but in Underworld, he became a bit of an Edward, know what I mean? Stalk you in the night, hover over your sleeping form, watch you sleep and hide in the shadows to keep you safe when you’re awake kinda guy… Good intentions, pretty bad method of execution. Though, when dealing with Pierce I can kinda sympathize with his actions. Safe to say I’m torn on how I feel about him in this book. I love Cabot’s style of writing. The imagery isn’t in your face, but as I read, the images blossomed in my mind. And I could feel much of what the characters were feeling, though at times I feel like I was frustrated AT Pierce, not feeling her frustration.

To be honest, I look forward to the conclusion of this trilogy, but I won’t be dying for it. Underworld was fast paced, pretty chocked full of action with a decent dose of romance on the side, which normally equates a pretty awesome book. But I feel like the amazing, deep characters that were developed in the first book became a bit shallow and distracted in this book. Perhaps the third book in this trilogy will redeem the series for me, but for now I have to say that Underworld was decently mediocre.

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