The Unquiet by Jeannine Garsee reviewed by Heather

The Unquiet by Jeannine GarseeTitle: The Unquiet
Author: Jeannine Garsee
Release Date: July 17, 2012
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Childrens
Pages: 400 pages
Source: NetGalley

Thank you to NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read this ARC.

Rinn Jacobs feels that the death of her grandmother is all her fault. After a suicide attempt, she and her mother move to the small town where her mother grew up. Since Rinn is back on her bipolar medication, she is hoping that all will be well in her new school. But it doesn’t seem that that will be the case.

When she finds out that the school she attends is said to be haunted by a girl named Annaliese, Rinn becomes a little obsessed with finding out the truth. Annaliese begins to pick off her friends one by one and Rinn is determined to find out exactly why she can hurt everyone around her, but her. She begins to wonder if she should be more scared of the ghost of Annaliese or herself.

I absolutely did not like the company that Rinn kept. Her friends, aside from Nate, were horrible and I couldn’t figure out why she would even want to continue hanging around with them. I found myself putting the book aside and shaking my head many times.

The Unquiet was a little predictable. I was able to figure out the plot pretty much right from the beginning. It seemed obvious to me, but it might not be to the intended audience of YA this book was written for. But I have to say, the plot was enough to keep me interested and to finish the book.

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