Monday’s Mailbox for 6/4/12

Last week I wrote in our Tempting Tuesday column that I was getting twitchy from waiting for Shadow Rising from Kendra Leigh Castle. It wasn’t up on NetGalley and I thought it would have been by then. Kendra saw the write up and said that there was some kind of glitch – the book should have been up at NetGalley. And oh, she had a few copies, did I want one?

Shadow RisingI read her tweet as I was walking through the parking lot at my one job and in a rush to get to the other one. Quite frankly, I was lucky I didn’t start jumping up and down and get hit by one of the moving school buses in the lot. Or just run into one of them on my own.

I received Shadow Rising on Friday and couldn’t wait to tear into it. I’m almost half way through it already. Kendra even autographed my copy. She made me one happy camper. Thanks Kendra!

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