Interview with Lori Foster

Autumn and I would love to thank Lori for being here on the blog today with us and answering some of our questions!

Q. Thanks again for agreeing to do this interview, Lori! Let’s get down to business. Have you had time to process the fact that The Men Who Walk The Edge of Honor series is actually over? (Seriously, Autumn and I both obsessed over that series) How are you feeling about that?

A. Thanks for having me here, Lisa and Autumn! I think writers look at series far differently than readers. After spending so much time in “that world” I’m more than happy to move on to something new and exciting. That said, I received sooooo much reader feedback on Chris that I’m checking with my publisher to see if I could do a short (very short) story on Chris to give readers some closure with him. It’s been overwhelming how readers reacted to him! And of course, I loved Chris as well. Who wouldn’t adore him?

EDIT: It’s been confirmed that Lori is indeed writing a short story based on Chris.

Also, Alice – a secondary character from Trace of Fever – will be part of my newest series. She truly touched my heart and wouldn’t let me be until I revisited her. So far she’s making a terrific heroine!

Q. What made you think that weaving human trafficking into a romance novel was a good idea? And what gave you the idea to write about such a topic?

A. Our world is filled with survivors – and with amazing heroes. I always love tucking the two of them together to see how the dynamics of a romance works out. When I saw Taken with Liam Neeson, my muse immediately kicked into gear, wondering how rescued women could survive such an ordeal, how it might affect their lives, and outlooks on the world. I started doing research and learned that a lot is still unknown, and undone, in the crime of human trafficking. Law enforcement is having a hard time keeping with the growth of trafficking. What used to be a foreign concept is now something that occurs in our own backyards. Tasks forces are formed daily, celebrities are focused on bringing attention to it, and yet, women are still so horribly abused. Not just women, but children in forced labor situations as well. Thank God we *do* have real life heroes working hard to help end the atrocities.

Q. I must say that you did a fantastic job dealing with such a sensitive topic such as human trafficking. How difficult was it to get into the mindset of a human trafficker? How much research did you do on the subject?

The research was easy – information is everywhere: TV, the internet, newspapers, magazines… The problem has become so prevalent that many special reports are done. It was helpful – and heartbreaking – reading the firsthand reports from survivors and their loved ones.

Q. Who was your favorite guy in the series to write and why?

A. That’d be Trace. He was such a riot, so edgy and bossy, cold and distant – yet still his compassion and concern shone through. And where Priss was concerned, also his lust, and eventually his love. So many scenes in that book cracked me up. I think I spent as much timing smiling as I did frowning at the bad guys. ;-)

Q. You may have answered this question before, but will we ever see the guys again?

A. See above with Question #1. I’m a seat of my pants writer, so I can’t say if any of the guys will pop up in future stories, but I wouldn’t rule it out. I really have little to do with it. I sit down to write and the characters take over. THEY determine what will happen and when. I just put it on paper.

Q. If I enjoyed your Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series, what other books of yours might I enjoy?

A. Wow, that’d be a question better put to readers. I tend to always writer Alphas, so if that’s what you enjoyed about the Men of Honor, then I’d say… any of them? The Buckhorn brothers are really popular, but then so are the Visitation books and the fighter books. Personal favorites of my own are Fallen Angels, which is a reissue of Beguiled, Wanton, and Caught in the Act. Mick, from Caught, was especially endearing. But I tend to like my funnier, lighter novellas more than my single titles.

Q. Now onto a lighter topic, which do you prefer: Coke or Pepsi?

A. Pepsi product: Mountain Dew.

Q. Which do you prefer: Sweet, sour, or savory?

A. Depends on my mood! Morning is sweet, evening is salty. Sour, never.

Q. I must know this: Cookies or cake?

A. Usually cookies! But I prefer dough – as in donuts, or pie, or turnovers!

Q. Who’s the hottest character you’ve ever written? Male or female?

A. Probably Noah, from Too Much Temptation. That guy was so focused on sex, it was nuts. Plus he was hunky, and he looked beyond a woman’s exterior, which has endeared him to a lot of readers! But Joe Winston would be right up there, too, from Say No to Joe?. Out of all my books, I’ve gotten more reader feedback on those two than any others.

Q. What’s the best book you’ve read for the year so far?

A. Hmmm, I’ve read some good ones. But off the top of my head, I’d say Catherine Mann’s Hot Zone. Love her pararescuemen!

Q. What book would you recommend us to read that’s either been released already or will be soon?

A. Of my own or someone else’s? Someone else’s: Macy Beckett’s Sultry With a Twist. It’s out in October, and it was excellent – hot, hilarious, and really terrific dialogue.

Of my own, maybe Jude’s Law, from the Law duology. Jude was way fun! Or perhaps Causing Havoc, the first book in my fighter series – which, seriously ladies, was not about fighting. It was about super-hunky, very capable guys with mega-ripped bodies falling in love.

Q. Can you tell us what new stuff you’ve been working on? What’s up next from Lori Foster?

A. A new series that starts in October called LOVE UNDERCOVER!! The first book, Run the Risk is out in October, and I’m currently working on Bare it All, which will feature Alice from Trace of Fever. So far, my Muse has told me that there will be four books:
Logan in Run the Risk.
Reese in Bare it All.
Rowdy in Getting Rowdy.
And Dash… title not yet decided. ;-)

I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed that readers enjoy the new series as much as they did the last. Thanks for the interview, and Happy Reading!

Thanks so much to Lori for stopping by and answering a few sensible and ridiculous questions for us!

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15 Responses to Interview with Lori Foster

  1. Christine says:

    Woo! I love contests! It gives me incentives to pick up a book and read :)

  2. Val Pearson says:

    Thanks so much for posting this interview. I love Lori Foster and can’t wait to read this book. Trace of Fever was my favorite! The whole Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series leaves me wanting more. :)

  3. LeeAnn Pratt says:

    I try to get everyone of Lori’s books. They are always great entertainment :) The characters drag me into their lives and always make me happy i went along for the ride :)

  4. Trena Kelley says:

    My favorite book out of the series is When You Dare. I thought it was really cool on how macho, gentle, sweet and respectable Dare was when it came to helping Molly to kill the guys who had kidnapped her for the slavery. I was so thrilled when Dare had brought her to his home and she met Chris. He was such a fun character to read. I really wish I could interact with him. He’s so caring and funny. I honestly laughed every time he defended Molly. I always laughed and cheered for Chris. I thought it was hilarious when Chris and Molly ganged up on Dare. I really enjoyed reading about the three of them stopping the ring. I was not putting the book down till I finished it. I made sure I had read the series in order.

  5. Beki Ferrill says:

    Absolutely love Lori’s series. Can’t wait to read Spencer’s and Arizona’s story!

  6. Shan says:

    I am sorry, but I can’t pick a favorite. Whenever I read a book by Lori it is always better than the last. Love all of her books that I have had the pleasure to read so far. Keep them coming.

  7. Audra Holtwick says:

    I love the whole series— please keep up the great storytelling

  8. Macy Beckett says:

    Awww! Lori, thank you for the shout-out. I wish Google had alerted me sooner. :-) You’re the best.

  9. Penny Adams says:

    Trace of Fever. Love all her books

  10. Heather Davis says:

    ALL are my favorites..i read everything I can get my hands on with Lori Foster.

  11. Beki Ferrill says:

    Love this series! Can’t wait to read the next one. I know any future series will be just as good!

  12. Artemis says:

    I have read only When You Dare.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  13. Xee says:

    I’ve read Dare’s Book so far and loved it the others are on my book shelf ;) I Love Lori my first book ever read was Sawyers ;) great interview & thank you for the giveaway!

  14. Christine says:

    Awesome interview and I just LOVED “Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series” and can’t wait for the new series to start!