Monday’s Mailbox for 4/23/12

Goodies from Lori FosterI got lots of goodies this week! Well, lots of goodies for me! I usually don’t get much in the mail so Friday afternoon’s stop at the mailbox was quite a surprise. Ok, well, not completely, but yes, it was at the same time. Yeah, I realize I’m talking in circles! Lori Foster had posted on GoodReads that she was giving away goodies if you mailed her a self addressed stamped envelope. Most of the stuff is related to A Perfect Storm, which I loved, but also for Run the Risk which is being released this October. I emailed her before sending off my envelope and told her that I was greedy and wanted a little bit of everything and didn’t know how much postage to put on.

Hey, I’m honest.

Goodies from Lori FosterLori emailed me back and off my envelope went. So, yes, I was expecting stuff from her, but I didn’t know what exactly or the extra special goodie she sent me.

Not only did she send a couple of bookmarks, a t-shirt, two magnets, a coaster (I can’t put a drink down on Spencer!!), but she included a paperback copy of Tempted which includes three previously published short stories – which I haven’t read yet. I was so busy ogling over the t-shirt – I get to wear Spencer on my chest…. wait, that doesn’t sound right – that I didn’t realize that Lori had autographed the book!

Thanks Lori, you brought a smile to my face!

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One Response to Monday’s Mailbox for 4/23/12

  1. Lori Foster says:

    My pleasure!
    Glad you enjoy the goodies. :-)

    My best,