Lover Reborn by J.R. Ward

Lover Reborn by J.R. WardWe’re shaking things up again this week and doing a review a bit different this week. Why? Because every single one of us reads the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Instead of just one of us reviewing, we thought it’d be best for each of us to skip the intro’s and just tell you what we thought of the book. As you can tell from below, there are five somewhat differing opinions.

There are many pro’s and con’s concerning JR Ward’s latest installment in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. I’ve been emotionally attached to Tohr’s character ever since we encountered the death of Wellsie so many books ago. I’ve waited and waited for his book, absolutely on pins and needles to see where the Warden would take us. She didn’t let me down. So, I’ll simply list what I enjoyed about Lover Reborn, and then what I didn’t enjoy.


    I really felt for No’One and Tohr’s characters. They’ve both suffered so much, and been dealt so many blows that as a reader, I just could not do anything other than root for them.
    I appreciate that their relationship wasn’t just in your face like so many other relationships in the series were. There was no mention of the bonding scent, there was no hasty “I love you” thrown between them, there was no discussion of a future between the two as they worked out their issues together (and on their own)
    Concerning the brotherhood’s quick acceptance of the relationship, I think that was a good point. The Warden is always pressing to the reader just how incredibly close these guys are, and that despite all their differences, they really want what’s best for one another. And everyone knew that if Tohr didn’t move on from Wellsie, eventually he would cease to exist as the male they all knew. Some people didn’t like their immediate acceptance, but I think that they all view one another as capable of making their own decisions, so they weren’t going to step on his toes. I liked that.
    I loved the developments with Qhuinn and Layla. Touchy subject for many readers, but dude…seriously? Those two freaking deserve that.
    I really want to know more of Throe and Xcor. Really, they should have their own book. And soon, like next. You know, instead of a certain other couple getting a full book. /endminirant
    Best thing ever? There was like…no Lesser crap in this book. I hate their point of views. Really, I do. I just don’t like them, haha.


    Did we really need half a book continuing with the JM and Xhex angst? I mean really? Their book is over, I feel that the Warden should have cut them off there. If they were going to have continuing angst, she should have given them a novella like she did Zsadist and Bella. Simple. This was supposed to be Tohr and No’One’s book. Not JM/Xhex part 2.
    The same could be said for Qhuinn and Blay. They were SUPPOSED to be getting their own novella, and then I find out their getting their own book. Come on, they’ve had like 8 books of drama to sort out between them, I do NOT want to read an entire book of their ragey we-love-each-other-but-can’t-be-together crap.
    And then Xcor and Throe and Layla? I love those three characters, but I didn’t want 100 pages of their love triangle either. Give them their own book. This was supposed to be Tohr’s book.
    I do have issues with how Tohr and No’One found their happily ever after together after basically a year of humping like ragey angry bunnies when Tohr had been with Wellsie for 200 years. To quote a friend, and to give direct credit to her, she pointed out to me that it seems like Tohr was basically blackmailed into having sexy-times with No’One within no time at all. I LOVED Tohr and No’One’s story line, and I LOVE them together, but after a few days of reflection, I do have to agree with my friend that it seems like it was pushed together way too soon. I actually wonder now if I would have more appreciation of a novella between them, because a novella wouldn’t have to have a direct tie in to the story line, and could be set at any point in time, years in the future even, to give them more time to develop together.

There’s so much more I’d like to point out, but these were the big things that really bugged me. All in all, I do have to say that Tohr himself is totally my favorite brother now. I never thought anyone would surpass Zsadist, but something about Tohr really did it for me. I loved his story, I loved his character, and I have to say if there hadn’t been so many other dominating story lines in the book competing for attention, then Tohr’s book could have easily taken the first place spot from Z on Meg’s favorite brother book. As for now, I have to give it 4th place in the scheme of the series, simply because I felt like their story wasn’t the focus, and I couldn’t adequately enjoy their story because of all the other drama.


If I could give this book 10 stars, I so totally, definitely would.

The twists, the turns, the revelations, the heartbreak, the angst, the loss, the redemption, the new beginnings, the love… This book had it all. J.R Ward is back in a big way. After the somewhat letdown of Lover Unleashed, this book really brought me back to the Brothers. the original characters, with some new one thrown in.

This book, you guys. This book. I now need the next book, like now. Now Now Now.

I was disappointed :-(

I almost hate to write this review because I love JR Ward and I love the beautiful characters she has created in the BDB series. When I was first introduced to the series, I tore through the books, ignoring everything else until I reached the end. The last couple of books, however, have felt disjointed with too many character stories in one book and sadly Lover Reborn once again falls into that category. I felt like I was getting whiplash with the continual perspective changes – Tohr, No’One, JM, Xhex, Xcor, Throe, Layla, Quinn, Blay, Lassister, and more. I like the old days where the books focused on the two people in the featured couple story arc with interaction of the other characters in the series. In Lover Reborn, I felt like we didn’t get to really dedicate our time to Tohr and No’One but rather had to share them with all of these additional story lines. On the positive side, I still love JR Ward’s writing style and the no-bullshit voices of the characters. We had mini-glimpses of some of our beloved Brothers and I so enjoy their personalities shining through in any situation. While I would have loved more of the “core” Brothers, I enjoyed the interactions Ward gave us.

As a newcomer to the BDB books, I was able to read them all at once. And I have to say I’m glad because I don’t know how some of you waited for these to be released.

I was thrilled that this was Torhment’s book. Out of all the brothers, I felt that he had been pushed aside since Wellsie’s death and damn it, he deserved a happily-ever-after too. I knew that this book was gonna be a rough one. Too many emotions were tied into this situation for everything to be hunky-dory. I was glad that Ward portrayed it in that way too.

I read that a lot of people cried while reading this book. For a while I was wondering if I had a heart at all. But then the day of the Fade ceremony happened. All the brothers came in to visit Torhment and oh boy, the tears flowed then.

I have to say, with Lover Reborn, Ward is definitely back on track with the series, in my opinion. The past couple of books had me feeling iffy about continuing the books, but I was so glad I did because if not, I would have missed this great installment.

The things I enjoyed most about this book was Xhex and John’s relationship. I love that it wasn’t all sunshine and daisies. The couple had true problems and they were portrayed very well.

I also loved Lassiter. That crazy ass angel deserves his own story…just sayin’. *hint, hint*

I’ve been thinking about my star rating for Lover Reborn ever since I finished reading it. At first I thought it was worth five stars, but after mulling it over and reading other reviews I’ve settled on a four.

    Although I was glad the story took place over a year, I too felt as though Tohr was blackmailed into moving on. Lassister stated that everyone’s In Between was different. But why was No’One allowed to be in hers like an actual being while Wellsie was trapped in a gray landscape, fading away with the threat of never being allowed into the Fade? No’One had been in her In Between for a hell of a lot longer than Wellsie. If No’One had never accepted love and stopped blaming herself, what would have happened? And why couldn’t Lassister fight for Wellsie, Tohr’s bonded mate?
    Something changed in the series after Lover Revenged. I can’t quite place my finger on what though. It’s like J.R. started tackling the writing of the series differently. When I started reading the series, I loved the action and love story combination. Although reading about the Lessers isn’t my most favorite thing in the world, it did prove that the males were fighting, there was a reason for fighting, their world was revolving, and something else was going on besides just the romance. They were more that just another drop in the bucket vampire romance book.
    So many points of view! I miss the old days where there seemed to be less of them. Angela and I were discussing this and there were about ten different views. I can see where they are needed, in order to move the storyline and series ahead to future books, but at the same time it felt overdone. In Lover Mine we heard from Murhder, but haven’t seen him since. Is it going to be the same way with the Band of Bastards and Assail? I want follow through, damn it.
    While I loved Layla and her interaction with Qhuinn, I’m torn on whether or not I’m excited about a Qhuinn and Blay book being next. For the last several books Qhuinn has been in love with Blay, but won’t admit it to him. Blay, unable to wait for Blay, has moved on and started a relationship with Saxton, Qhuinn’s cousin. Saxton knows that Blay doesn’t truly love him. What’s going to happen in their own book?
    Lassiter. Do I really need to explain why? He’s hilarious. I want to know more about him.
    Xcor and Throe. While I’m not sure if both of their points of view were needed, I did enjoy getting into their heads. The scene where Xcor was cutting himself and crying over what he had done to Throe while calling himself a pussy? Dear Lord.
    I miss seeing the other Brothers. I don’t know if it’s because there are so many other characters, but I’d like to see them now and then. Especially the females. It’s like once their story is over, we never see them again. J.R. could take a lesson from Lori Foster on how to juggle her characters.
    I’m picky. I complain about not seeing the other Brothers, but then I admit that there was too much John Matthew and Xhex. Yes, I want to see the other Brothers and their females, but they shouldn’t take a front seat. There was too much John and Xhex. They already had their book. While I can see where the conflict between them was somewhat realistic, there was too much time devoted to them. I had the same problem with Lover Unleashed. That book didn’t feel like Payne’s. It was Vishous, part deux.

While I was not as happy with Lover Mine and Lover Unleashed as I was with the rest of the books, I was much happier with Lover Reborn. This sucker made me cry and tear up multiple times. I’m no where near done with this series at this point and look forward to every March when a new Black Dagger Brotherhood book is released.

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