Hana by Lauren Oliver reviewed by Angela

Hana by Lauren OliverTitle: Hana
Author: Lauren Oliver
Release Date: February 14, 2012
Publisher: HarperCollins
Pages: 144 pages
Source: online release

Hana is a novella in the Amor-Trilogie (first book was Delirium) by Lauren Oliver. The events in Hana happen simultaneously with the events in Delirium, just from Hana’s point of view while Delirium is in Lena’s point of view. I found it fascinating to see the same events unfold through Hana’s eyes. We see what Hana was doing in her disappearances from Lena’s life that last summer before they both turned eighteen. Hana has always had more difficulty accepting the idea of the cure than Lena and in her last summer before she turns eighteen, she rebels. In the end an event happens that makes up Hana’s mind on whether or not being cured is the answer. And what she decides has consequences for not only herself, but for her best friend Lena.

I am so glad Oliver gave us this novella! It fills in some information on what happened that summer and boy does it answer a huge question that was left hanging in Delirium.

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