Vamplayers by Rusty Fischer reviewed by Autumn

Vamplayers by Rusty FischerTitle: Vamplayers
Author: Rusty Fischer
Release Date: February 1, 2012
Publisher: Medallion Press
Pages: 384
Source: Medallion Press

I was sent a copy of Vamplayers by Medallion Press to review. I’m not sure how I got on their list, maybe from previously reviewing one of Rusty’s books, but I’m glad I did.

Can I first say how much I love the cover? It doesn’t feature a hot, sexy model, but I think it’s gorgeous!

At first I was I little confused about why a fellow vampire would want to take out another. A Vamplayer is not like a regular vampire. They charm and target someone to do their bidding, become stronger, and turn and entire school and even community into vampires. Not exactly a good thing if vampires are still trying to blend in with normal society.

Lily is a Sister at the Afterlife Academy of Exceptionally Dark Arts, the third Sister to be exact, who wants to be a Savior. She just can’t seem to pass the final test in the Simulation House. She travels to schools with Alice and Cara, First and Second Sisters respectively, infiltrate different groups while trying to blend in and figure out who the Vamplayer is. Once the Vamplayer is targeted, the Sisters call the Savoiors who take the Vamplayer out.

Simple enough, right?

Lily spots Tristian and Bianca on the first day and immediately thinks that she has found their target. What should be a run of the mill assignment turns tricky when Alice and Cara take on their roles a little too seriously. Also complicating matters is Zander, a a geeky human Star Wars loving boy who Lily takes a shine to.

Lily must save the school by herself, but is the Third Sister up to it?

While Lily is pretty awesome, determined to finish her mission and save everyone, but I was yelling at her to get a clue. It’s hard to know when to reveal certain details and how fast to progress a story sometimes. I really do love how Fischer writes his female leads. Here’s a few of my highlights:

    If only I’d held on to one of those stakes from my Simulation, I’d impale myself right now.

    “See if they have any photo galleries of the sports team,” she says. “I need to know if I should pack slutty or, you know, extra slutty.”

    I look down at my damp chest to make sure I’m not having some kind of wardrobe malfunction or something.

    “We’re supposed to be doing recon,” Alice says in her First Sister voice, “not stuffing our sweet teeth with the Official Star Wars Light Saber Duel Reenactment Club.”

    She’s been on dates to ice cream parlors, rock concerts, museums, state fairs, foreign films, drive-throughs. One guy even took her cow tipping. I kid you not. She always returns (the next morning, of course) raving about how wonderful and intoxicating and refreshing it was.

Vamplayers is a fun, quirky adventure with a little romance thrown in to mix things up. It’s aimed at Young Adults, but I think it’s also suitable for adults who want a fun, quick read without a bunch of sex. I have read two of Fischer’s books so far and enjoyed them both. I will continue check out his Vampire and Zombie books in the future. In fact, I need to fit Panty Raid at Zombie High into my reading rotation!

Note: Check out Vamplayers on GoodReads and enter a chance to win a copy through February 28th!

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