Delirium by Lauren Oliver reviewed by Angela

Delirium by Lauren OliverTitle: Delirium
Author: Lauren Oliver
Release Date: February 1, 2011
Publisher: HarperTeen
Pages: 441 pages
Source: personal copy

As a friend said “possibly the best story about love I have ever read.” I tend to agree with her.

Lena Holoway has grown up believing that love is a disease that is to be feared and needs to be cured. When citizens turn 18, the government forces each person to undergo a procedure that removes love from their emotional range. Lena and her best friend Hana are both 17 and approaching their procedure dates. We follow the girls through their daily lives which are much like any teenage girls lives, except that being with boys is a bad thing. While there is apprehension on Hana’s part about having the procedure, Lena knows that this is what is right and best for her and society as a life without love is predicable and happy.. But as the girls approach their procedure dates, they each take an unexpected path, a path that involves uncureds and….love.

Oliver delivers an amazing love story to love in this dystopian young adult story. I highly recommend you read it straight away. It’s set in the not so distant future and has what every good dystopian novel has – the overbearing government and those who go against the wishes of that government. Oliver lets the characters develop their relationship naturally over a longer period of time which allows the reader to become invested in the characters. This is the first book of a series and yes, there is a cliffhanger at the end, but it’s well worth the pain of the cliffhanger to read it.

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