Seers by Heather Frost reviewed by Heather

Seers by Heather FrostTitle: Seers
Author: Heather Frost
Release Date: October 8, 2011
Publisher: Cedar Point
Pages: 304 pages
Source: NetGalley

Kate Bennett is a high school student that survived A car crash that killed her parents. When she wakes up from the hospital afterwards she can see things that she had never seen before. She could see peoples auras. No one else saw the colors floating around that told Kate exactly how people were feeling and realizing that, she decides to never mention it again.

When Kate finally returns to school after the accident there is a new student, Patrick O’Donnell. There is something very different about Patrick though. Kate can’t see his aura. All she sees floating around Patrick is a simple silver thread. The only other person who’s aura she can’t see is her own, so she isn’t sure whether to find him dangerous or not.

When Kate sees Patrick talking to another mysterious person who lacks an aura, she begins to wonder who exactly Patrick O’Donnell is. Is he someone sent to harm her or was he sent to help her with her new found ability? After finally realizing Patrick wasn’t an evil person and he was actually a Guardian sent to protect her, Kate begins to have feelings for him.

Kate has the typical teenage problems such as falling for the new guy at school even though you already have a boyfriend, but she also has problems that no one else can understand. She’s being hunted down by beings with black auras around them…demons. Will Kate be able to figure out her feelings toward her Guardian while keeping herself safe from demons? Will Kate’s ability put her grandparents and sisters in danger?

I really enjoyed this book. Although this is Frost’s debut book, she has done an excellent job with it. Yes, there are other YA books out there about demons and such, but I found this one to have an original plot.

The only complaint I had was the abrupt switch to Patrick’s point of view for about two chapters. I realize that the author wanted to convey what was happening with Patrick while he wasn’t with Kate, but it just didn’t make any sense to only have two chapters of the entire book written in his point of view.

But overall, this was a great book. Although I haven’t heard anything talk of a sequel, the way the epilogue was written definitely leaves room for it and I will eagerly look forward to it.

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