Meeting author J.R. Ward

Saturday, August 13th, 2011

WARNING: There will be slight spoilers. The post is marked once the spoilers start. Also, I’m a picture taking whore. I took tons, so the ones I’m posting look small, but click on them and they will pop up larger.

Yo, Autumn here. I never, ever thought I’d have the chance to meet one of my favorite romance authors. One of my Twitter pals, Eleanor, mentioned that J.R. would be doing a book signing and she thought it was up in my area. I checked to see how far away Saratoga Springs was from me and was disappointed. I don’t currently trust my car to take me far out of town.

*Cue Light Bulb Moment*

I love my Mom. Really I do. I love her even more when she does cool shit like letting me borrow her awesome fuel efficient car.

The night before Eleanor had called the store to see if they knew how busy it was going to be. After her conversation we were slightly worried about getting to meet and obtain J.R.’s autograph. Having never met Eleanor in person before, I figured we’d just go anyway and see what happens. Maybe we could at least listen in to the Q&A session. At the very least I was going on a road trip with a Twitter buddy. It would be an adventure! This normally pessimistic person was trying to be optimistic about the situation. I know, totally unlike me! I’m damn surprised that the world didn’t end right then and there.

Eleanor came by bus from New York City. I picked her up at the station in my town. In true fashion I was late to pick her up. I swear, I’m going to be late for my own funeral. They will still be putting the make-up on my cold, dead body and it’ll be twenty minutes into the funeral. Before getting on the road we stopped for a quick bite of breakfast at Dunkin’ Donuts. The almost two and a half hour ride up to Saratoga Springs went smoothly and we quickly found the Barnes and Noble off the Thruway. We arrived at about 1pm while the signing was at 2pm. I was happy to see there was not a line hanging out side of the store. I thought that was a good sign that we’d get to meet J.R.

There was a table right inside the door with someone to instruct us as to what to do. I was so glad to read that we could have two things each signed by J.R. and her guest, author Jessica Andersen. I brought Lover Awakened because it’s my favorite from J.R. and Lover Mine for Lisa to have signed. I was hoping J.R. would sign both of them and I wouldn’t have to buy a copy of Lover Unleashed. We were given wrist bracelets (I was 166) and a small instruction sheet. Basically they were going to call people by their wrist bracelets.

Never so glad not to have gotten a huge number, like say 1,000!

We met up with @Aylah50 and her lovely husband in the Starbucks café, got drinks, and claimed some tables. We really lucked out in our table location – the table J.R. was going to sit at was just on the other side. It was so easy to stalk, er watch her when she arrived.

I noticed a stack of Envy bookmarks sitting on the table so I leaned over the divider and snapped a picture. We were hoping to be able to snag a few of them. A few minutes later someone from the store came over to the table, picked up the bookmarks, and started handing them out (starting with us!). She instructed us to place them in the title pages of our books for easy, quick access.

The loudspeaker announced that the first fifty people should line up. Unfortunately, some fans were either deaf or trying to be line jumpers because their numbers were not fifty and under and they were on line. You know, some people just can’t follow directions. Thankfully there was a number line checker Nazi. All hail the number line checker Nazi!

After the first fifty people were called they started calling groups of ten. The wait didn’t seem that long. Part of the reason was because I was hanging out with such great company. We stood or sat there and joked about the three “Blues Brothers” who were dressed in red, black suspenders, fedoras, and sunglasses. Believe it or not, these men were her security team or something similar. We laughed at that aspect because it didn’t appear to be bodyguard types.

The other reason that it seemed to go quickly was that the signing was just that – a signing. We went up, handed over our camera to someone if we had one, handed over our books, and then stepped toward the table. While J.R. was signing the books you were able to speak with her quickly, but that was about it. No in-depth conversations were going on.

At this time I should mention that @Aylah50’s husband is a gem and deserved an award for hanging out and keeping our table for us. While we waited we saw two men on line – one younger and one older. I believe they were actually related and the young man said he was there for his mother. My question is who was the older man there for then? J.R. said something like, “You’ve been waiting here for your mother? You poor son of a bitch!”

On the right - the table JR was at. To the right, on the other side of the barrier, is where we were sitting

Funny thing though, I think I saw those men during the Q&A session later on! Mmm, closet fans?

Our numbers were called so we went to stand on line and waited to meet her. Eleanor went first and I watched. I wanted to tell J.R. something other than gush about how much I love her books. Only minutes before I read a tweet from Lisa, telling me that she wanted to tell J.R. that she’s a BAMF. Seeing that she couldn’t be there, I told J.R. for her.

“My friend wanted me to tell you that you’re a BAMF.”
J.R. smiled at my comment, but asks, “What’s that?”
“Bad ass mother fucker.”

J.R. laughed. I asked her if she could sign a bookmark for our website so we could do a giveaway contest. She signed more than one, leaving me with two for a giveaway! Plus her agent/publicist/spoiler-nazi person (yeah, I don’t know who exactly she is) gave us a few extras so I have four unsigned bookmarks to give away.

Since everyone got their book signed and then went and claimed their chair for the Q&A we thought it was best to just stay the hell where we were for the Q&A. It ended up being a pretty damn good idea. We mostly saw J.R.’s back, but otherwise we were able to hear her just fine.

Oh yes, that’s why you’re all here! You want the deets!


Tohrment: She wouldn’t confirm who Tohr’s mate will be. She did something about covering her in a smurf cloak or something. That seemed to come out of nowhere. J.R. said Tohr will be different because of Wellsie and that she can’t have him fall in love again in a matter of three days. Hallelujah! I thought. There is no way I’d find that believable. She said it wouldn’t make sense to the readers and it doesn’t make sense to her. She wants to do him justice and he’s been through enough. Falling in love again will be a struggle for him and therefore Lover Reborn will take place over a year.

We’ll be introduced to a new character in Lover Reborn, whom she already loves, called Assail. He’s more like an old school vamp like Wrath with the old values.

J.R. is about 3/4 done with writing Lover Reborn. If we pay close attention to the storyline, we’ll be able to figure out how things will be solved. No rushing through this one!

Butch: J.R. was asked whether or not his character will grow more and she said, placing her hands about a foot apart, that he is a big male with no more room for growth. *smirk*

Qhuinn and Blay: They will not get their happily ever after in Tohr’s book. We’ll get some angst, and things will probably not make us happy. She asked us very nicely (kind of forcefully if you ask me) to remember that it will all be okay at the end. Things will end in a satisfactory way. It’s just that we have to trust her to get the “boys” there. The picture? Yeah, she was talking about Blay and pretending to slap someone’s ass from behind.

Induction into the Brotherhood: The next induction into the Brotherhood has NOT been written yet, however, there is one coming up very soon – book-wise at least. I have a feeling it won’t be in Lover Reborn, but the one after that. She turned to her agent/publicist/spoiler-nazi person and she shook her head “no” when J.R. asked if she could tell us.

Envy: Three fans got copies of Envy today! They went to the person with the first wrist bracelet, the first person to ask a question about Envy, and the person who claimed they traveled the farthest. Somehow, I don’t think they were really from Florida to see her. They could have gone to the signings in Kentucky rather than upstate New York. Eleanor could have said she had flown all the way from the Holy Land to see her. Hey, it would’ve been kind of true. Oh, there is a three-some in Envy. Eleanor thought it would contain Ad and Eddie, but wasn’t sure on the third.

The Black Dagger Brotherhood will have a small non-specific cameo in Envy. It was so funny the way she described it. A black Escalade blasting rap music and going eighty miles an hour down the road will be mentioned.

She thinks the next book in The Fallen Angels series will be Rapture, but that’s not finalized yet.

Novellas: Rhage and Mary’s novella is partially written and she was saying how much she loves the stories. She also swooned over Phury and Cormia’s son, Ahgy. She said he is beyond adorable.

Trez and iAm: They will both get their happily ever after in the same book. Their stories will be told simultaneously in a way. We know one of their mates already and the other has not been introduced at this point. I think this was the point here someone asked if one of their mates started with the letter “L” and she wouldn’t comment any further.

V and Jane: J.R. was asked about a mating ceremony for V and Jane. We are to assume that they are mated. She mentioned maybe writing it for the next Insider’s Guide, next book, or maybe she’ll just write a “wedding book.” I think that last option was a just a joke.

J.R.’s Favorite: Someone asked who J.R.’s favorite Brother was. I thought it was common knowledge, but she did indeed reply with the name Zsadist.

Tidbits: J.R. mentioned that everything she writes (even something like Boo) she does for a reason. It reason may not be revealed in the next book or until ten books later, but it has a reason. Everything happens for a reason. Some things will get clearer in future books because they are told from different views and sometimes things overlap.

J.R. was awesome and the Q&A went waaaay too fast! I could’ve stood and listened to her for another hour or two! Out in the parking lot I recognized someone that was sitting behind the ropes. I went and asked her if she was J.R.’s mom and she replied that yes, she was. I’m assuming that the older woman with her was J.R.’s grandmother. I literally thanked her for giving birth to her daughter. I told her to ask J.R. to come down to Orange County which is closer to me to do a book signing. If I remember correctly both of them mentioned that they used to preread and edit J.R.’s work.

It was a great day! I got to meet a few awesome women and experienced a road trip that I will never forget.


Reply to this post and tell me what spoiler you’re most ecstatic over. I’ll pick a winner on Monday night. The prize? An unsigned Envy bookmark. I want a minimum of five entries to pick from! Come on BDB fans, where you at?

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2 Responses to Meeting author J.R. Ward

  1. Leanne says:

    Duh, is there any question of it?! Qhuinn and Blay ‘spoiler’!! Just the tiniest bit of info on their storyline and I feel like channelling my inner teen and squealing. I can’t wait to read more of them, even if they don’t get their happy ever after just yet – it’s the interaction and the looks and the heartache and the fact that he knows he wants him but the whole two-eye-colour-family-already-hate-him mindset is too much to get passed at the moment… it all just keeps me hanging on for more. I love the Brothers, (Zsadist most of all) but it’s Qhuinn and Blay that are getting me the most excited in regards to future books.

    Soon boys, soon.

  2. elena says:

    oh man, which spoiler to choose. i love them all and squeeeeed at seeing them. but if i have to choose which one i really got most excited over i would have to say anything to do with my Tohr. its such a bitter-sweet thing you know. i hate seeing him sad and want him to get his HEA but at the same time i hate that it wont be with Wellsie. i just need to have faith in the warden and pray to God everything works out. Tohr deserves to be happy. and i am glad she is not rushing his book. love that it takes place over a year.
    oh and im dying to check out this Assail character. he sounds delish *winks*