Trace of Fever by Lori Foster reviewed by Autumn

First off, I’d like to thank Harlequin and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC of Trace of Fever. I appreciate having the opportunity to be able to read such a great series.

Trace of Fever by Lori FosterTrace of Fever is the second book in Lori Foster’s Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series. Fever is about Trace Rivers, whom we met in When You Dare, and Priscilla Patterson. Trace’s sister Alani was rescued by Dare after being kidnapped by human traffickers and now Trace is hell bent on bringing down every trafficker he can manage to find.

In the opening scene readers find out that Trace is working undercover as a bodyguard for a horrible, despicable, scumbag of a man named Murray Coburn. Murray is a very powerful and influential businessman who also happens to kidnap women to sell them.

Yes, he’s a real upstanding member of the Ohio community where this story takes place.

A “female” is downstairs, requesting to see Murray. Trace is instructed to find out who she is. He questions her and finds out that Priscilla Patterson claims to be Murray’s daughter. After a few words and a very thorough frisking, Trace thinks something is fishy and feels the need to keep Priscilla away from Murray. He believes that Murray wouldn’t appreciate having a daughter because she’d be a threat to him and his empire. No father’s day gift for this man – he’d probably sell off his own kid!

Of course, Priscilla doesn’t listen and Murray finds out about her. Trace’s goal is then to keep Priscilla safe and to bring Murray down, but it’s going to be an awfully hard job with those meddling kids! Oh, wait, it’s just Priscilla. He doesn’t know if he can trust Priscilla, why she’s after Murray, or how much of what she’s claiming is true. Then again, Priscilla feels the same way about Trace. Over the course of the book, the sexual attraction continues to grow even though neither one of them really knows much about one another.

I would have never thought I’d like a romance novel that mixed in a story of human trafficking. Foster managed to interweave the two subjects beautifully, showing the heartache trafficking can cause while having two people fall in love. Fever features less love scenes than its previous installment, but more suspense. There was enough sexual tension and action going on that I didn’t mind the change and it would have felt out of place if it had been flipped.

I really enjoyed Trace of Fever and can’t wait to get started on the third book in the series, Savor the Danger, which is about Dare and Trace’s partner Jackson and Trace’s sister Alani. I think I’m going to love Jackson from what I read in Trace’s book.

    (Priscilla) “You have a very limited vocabulary.”
    (Jackson) “My balls still hurt. It’s affecting my brain.”
    “You brain is located a little low, isn’t it?”

There’s a lot of that great back and fourth banter, which I love, and Jackson’s one liner’s.

    “Crying women make me horny.”

This is Trace’s book so I can’t forget a great exchange between Trace and Priscilla!

    “And you need to get off?”
    He stared at her. “You’re not acting very virginal.”
    “Get real,” She snorted. “I work in a porn shop.”
    A fact he’d never forget. “Yeah, I need to get off.”

If you liked When You Dare, or other Lori Foster books, I highly suggest you check out Trace of Fever. Now, where can I sign up for a very thorough frisking from a man like Trace?

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One Response to Trace of Fever by Lori Foster reviewed by Autumn

  1. Alisa says:

    Loved the 1 liners that you picked out. And I am also looking forward to Savor the Danger. Alpha men with quirky senses of humor.. Your review was a entertaining. THANKS