Butterface by Gwen Hayes reviewed by Autumn

I stumbled upon Butterface by Gwen Hayes on Pixel of Ink on Facebook. The description grabbed me and for 99 cents, I couldn’t go wrong.

Butterface is the story of Lucas “Lucky” O’Leary and a high school waitress, Beth, who works at a diner Lucky frequents. Beth was born with Hemifacial microsamia, but is supposed to be lucky that hers isn’t worse than it is. She can usually cover up her disfigurement with her hair, masking most of the damage. Lucky and Beth slowly become friends.
Lucky is in his first year at the local University and is a big shot on the soccer team. One day his teammates, whom he actually dislikes, come into the diner and suggest that Lucky take Beth to the “Dog Dinner” that’s coming up and show that he’s part of the team. Lucky shoots down their idea, thinking picking a date because she’s not pretty and making her hopeful is cruel. His teammates bully him into it, assuring him that he must commit to bringing a date or he’s not really a part of the team.

Peer pressure sucks, huh?

What follows is Lucky’s transformation from a partially shallow young man because of his growing feelings for Beth. Will Lucky take Beth to the party? Will Beth find out?

Seeing as Butterface is a short story, I don’t want to give it all away. My only complaint with this story was that it was way too short! I really enjoyed what Gwen Hayes packed into 800 words, but at the end craved more of the characters she created.

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