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Warning: This review may contain spoilers and is rated R.

Still pissed about the “surprise sibling revelation” from City of Ashes? Good, me too. Let’s move on and figure this bitch out..

City of Glass, the third book in the Mortal Instruments series, starts right where the last book left off. Simon is still dealing with the fact that he is a newly initiated Downworlder, Jace and Clary are the hottest related couple since Luke and Leia, Clary’s mother is still in a coma and Cupid would be ashamed of the things Valentine has done.

We finally get to follow the yellow brick road, or in our case a portal, to the city of Alicante in Idris in this book. The Lightwoods, along with Jace and Clary makes plans to visit, but we learn quickly that Jace isn’t so keen on his sister joining them. He tries to bring Simon into tricking Clary out of the visit, but only succeeds in bringing Simon with him to Idris. Clary finds her own way there, determined to find a way to wake her mother up.
City of Glass When the gang finally meets up, it’s plus a few members that seem to complicate things. Aline Penhallow seems a little too close to Jace and her gorgeous cousin Sebastian takes a strange liking to Clary. Jace turns into a complete manwhore, making out with Aline until Clary walks in on them like Joey Greco from Cheaters. Cue broken hearts and a pissed off Jace. Methinks he’s trying to bury his feelings for Clary by fooling around with Aline. Regardless of his reason, I wanted to chop off his balls with a rusty spoon.

Clary tries to disguise her pain by hanging out with Sebastian, who beyond any reason seems familiar to her in some way and ends up making a move on her. He seems hot, but let’s face it he’s no Jace.

Poor Simon again gets shit on by the new Inquisitor and is locked up for being the vampire freak that can walk in daylight. I swear if he doesn’t get laid in the next book, I’m going to go postal. Poor guy needs something for everything he goes through.

Jace and Clary set aside their differences and fuckhot sexual tension and take a trip down memory lane aka the Wayland Mansion to retrieve a very important cookbook. No it’s not Paula Deen ya’ll. They find a lot more than they bargained for when they discover a secret in the basement that changes everything and exposes a little more about Valentine’s past. They have a very non-sibling like roll in the grass and head back to Alicante only to find it in flames.

*cue dramatic music*

Valentine has finally attacked the City of Glass, even though no one’s really sure how he got past the Guards. To say Hell has broken loose would be an understatement. Chaos, demons, all around shit storm ensues. We say a tearful goodbye to one of the Lightwoods and find Luke trying to convince the Shadowhunters to join forces with the Downworlders. Clary gets to be her badass self and design a rune that would rival any Martha Stewart fabric.

Operation “Break Simon Out of Jail” is in full affect. We find a familiar face as Simon’s cellmate and learn that Sebastian isn’t quite who he said he was. Dick.

Jace visits Clary and they spend one blissful night together, sleeping beside each other and wishing they could be boinking each other instead. When Clary wakes up, Jace has left to go find Valentine and be all emo hero. There’s an interesting shake-up in the Morgenstern family tree, Clary takes off to find Jace, and more epic fighting ensues.

Yada, yada, yada.

As the Downworlders and Shadowhunters fight together against Valentine’s demons, Jace and Clary come face to face with Valentine at Lake Lyn, which is revealed to be the last of the Mortal Instruments. Valentine pulls yet another asshole move that almost made me reach through the pages and strangle him. I would be surprised if this guy even gets a lump of coal from Santa. Clary pulls a switcheroo on him and ends up saving the day. Jace gets touched by an Angel in the best possible way and ends up with the girl of his dreams. I would say I’m biting my nails as I wait not so patiently for the next book, but Happy Un-Birthday to me, it was just released. Before I go devour it, let me just say that this series continually gets better with each book. Clare has created such a beautiful and vivid world that’s smart, sexy and entertaining. If I finish a book and find myself jumping out of my skin waiting to know what happens next, it’s a good sign. If you’re still not reading this series, you’re missing out.

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